About the Department

The Islamic University of Bangladesh is one of the outstanding centers for Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching and learning. It is unique among the Universities in Bangladesh. The main objective for establishing Islamic University is "to provide for instruction in theology and other fields of Islamic Studies and comparative jurisprudence and such other branches of learning at Graduate and Postgraduate level as the University may think fit and make provision for research including Post-Doctorate research and training for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge". [Clause 5(a), The Islamic University Act 1980(37)]. Since its inception in 1979, The Islamic University has been expanded rapidly to offer academic programs in twenty-two disciplines under five Faculties. This institution plays a vital role in rapidly changing social and economic situations of the country.

 Management has clearly been recognized as crucial to the process of economic development of a developing country like ours. As Bangladesh strives for achieving a reasonably high rate of growth in its desperate efforts towards economic development and progress, the nation's corporate sector will have to provide the real impetus. The developmental needs of the country, the emphasis on privatization, and the challenges of increased globalization in the 21st Century require the business enterprises of Bangladesh to upgrade continuously their skills and competitiveness. This will require efficient manager, effective corporate leaders and executives, equipped with appropriate training for enhanced managerial talent and dynamic leadership. There is an ever-increasing need for such competent graduate in all sectors of the economy of Bangladesh. In keeping with this need, the BBA, MBA and Evening MBA programs of the Department of Management have been chalked out with a view to preparing human resources for management careers in any types of organization.

The Department of Management launched its academic activities on June 28, 1986 with 75 students. The Department offers Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs for the brilliant students with clear commitment and devotion to develop knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts, which are required in the practical circumstances. Moreover, the Department also offers M Phil. and Ph D. degrees under the supervision of recognized researchers.